Coast to Coast for Clean Water

                                                   My Run Across America!


 Hi my name is Athena Papadopoulos and I will be running across the United States from Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego, California starting January 3, 2012. My purpose is to raise awareness and support for those in African Countries like Kenya and Ethiopia who do not have access to clean drinking water. Every bit of money that I raise on this run will go directly to World Vision where they will be able to effectively use it to build wells and supply these people with their much needed clean water. Imagine going to your kitchen sink and turning it on and all that comes out is brown. That is the problem that many of these people face as they fetch their water from dirty rivers everyday. This of course leads to disease and unsanitary environments. If we have a way to change the lives of these people and especially the lives of the children growing up there, lets do our part and make a difference! 



So this is why I will be running 2460 miles across America. I feel that God has called me to take something that I love doing and change a life in the process. When we think about it that way the thousands of miles seems insignificant. Please join me as I embark on this somewhat crazy task and lets bring life to those in need!

I have currently, as of February 27, been joined by two lovely ladies from Mississippi, Heather and Haleigh Moore. They will be completeing the run with me all the way to San Diego, California. To follow them on their blogs...look at the links page.

If you would like to make a donation, Please visit the Sponsor Me page on this site.