Coast to Coast for Clean Water

                                          Who am I?

Here are a couple of facts about me so you can get to know me....


  My name is Athena Papadopoulos

  • I am 20 years old
  • I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Florida
  • I have a wonderful and very supportive family despite all my crazy ideas :)
  • I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and Lord at age 5 and I love him with all my heart and soul
  • I started running my freshman year of high school, so about 6 years ago
  • I was never a stand out runner or anything, it was just something I really loved doing and couldn't stop myself from doing.
  • I attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, FL in 2009-2010
  • I just spent a year in Kenya working as a volunteer for the organization Empower A Child, it was there that I fell in love with Africa and really saw the need of Children and Adults alike.
  • I am ready to go wherever God desires to take me, no matter how crazy it may sound

My teamates...

- Heather Moore

      .....22 years old

     ......from Tupelo, Mississippi

- Haleigh Moore

    .....22 years old

     .....also from Tupelo, Mississippi